The San Felipe area is a picture-perfect escape to the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez and the rugged beauty of Baja California, Mexico.  Hosts to many events and off road races throughout the year, this quaint little fishing village founded in the early 1940’s has grown to host adventurers from around the world all interested in exploring the treasures of Baja.


Whether you’re soaking up the brilliant Baja sunset, basking in the warm waters, windsurfing,  hiking, skimming the tide on jet-skis, or roaming the sand in dune buggies, or just plain meandering through the extreme tide zones, San Felipe is a perfect, stress-free location to kick off any adventure.  Boasting new grocery stores in
several locations of San Felipe, it’s really the last stop to resupply before heading south into the more desolate locations of the Baja Peninsula.  A plethora of fantastic seafood and amazing Mexican cuisine restaurants are strewn throughout the San Felipe area offering excellent dining adventures as well.

To the immediate south of San Felipe the wide-open expansive Sea of DestinationPAGE-SanFelipeCortez exudes peace and tranquility, boasts miles of pristine beaches, and has all the adventure and excitement you want.  The Sea of Cortez is home to the largest tidal changes in the world with tidal changes up to 25 feet during extreme tides.  When the tide goes out the beaches are vast and adventurers can cruise the ocean floor.  It’s quite an adventure!