Punta San Francisquito is one of the great remote locales in the Baja outback. This remote Baja hideaway is not easy to get to, and its is even harder to leave. Situated in the deep beach sand is a small rustic resort (and we use the word resort v-e-r-y loosely here) tucked away on a one-mile stretch of pristine beach between something and nothing. Services are basic here and include a very casual restaurant and rustic semi enclosed palapas outfitted with cots and a small windbreak. It’s primitive, but features an airstrip that has been a Baja secret for many decades. This is a place where adventurers of all types drive to in various types of vehicles for a couple days of pure relaxation. For more than 2 decades, XploreBaja has been going to this off the beaten path remote beachfront location escaping reality of life.