XploreBaja WEBSITE redesign LAUNCH!

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If you’re reading this then you’ve seen and experienced the newly redesigned XploreBaja website.  Updated with some of the latest web technologies, it provides clients a chance to take a look into what happens on trips and what services the XploreBaja crew can provide to you on your adventures.  We provide services for 1 or 20 so don’t hesistate to send us an email about your next adventure.  Email us at tim@xplorebaja.com to answer your questions!

Baja MOTO Bash, Baja Peninsula Run

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Just about everything is set as XploreBaja hosts 12 riders to travel the length of the Baja Peninsula on dirt bikes.  Led by professional moto riders Rick Munyon and Brendan Fikes the XploreBaja moto trip is slated for nearly 1600-miles south cruising and enjoying the adventure of Baja.  This is NOT a chaotic blast down the peninsula trudging through the junk, this is a FUN adventure utilizing two-track along with sections of single-track that criss cross the magical Baja Peninsula.  Stay tuned and follow XploreBaja along on Social Media outets as the crew adventures through the Baja landscape.  For your own Baja motorcycle tour whether 1 or 12 riders, simply email us at tours@xplorebaja.com and we will get you dialed in.

Whale-Whales-Whaes, Ojo Libre Lagoon, Guerro Negro

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The grey whales are thick in the lagoons surrounding Guerro Negro.  Our favorite place to enjoy the whale is the Ojo Libre lagoon south of Guerro Negro where you can camp on the edge of the lagoon and hear the whales exhale in the lagoon all night long.  During the daylight hours you can join one of the groups on a panga led by a national certified whale guide.  So far this season we are seeing nearly 2000 whales in the lagoon and so the time is right for an epic trip to experience the whales.  The grey whale travels 6,000 miles from the Bering Sea to one of the 3 lagoons in order to mate and have their babies in the warmer waters of the Pacific Ocean along the coast of Guerro Negro.  XploreBaja hosts 6-8 trips to experience the whales and the season is NOW! Email us at tours@xplorebaja.com for available dates to experience the whales.

SCORE San Felipe 250, San Felipe, Baja California

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We supported the CBS Sports helicopter program providing fueling services and ground support as they filmed the SCORE International San Feipe 250 for CBS Sports.  Our friends at OffTheGridRentals (on Instagram and Facebook @offthegridrentals supplied us a Maggiolina AIRTOP tent that mounted just above the bed of the Black Mamba.  It was a huge hit with all our friends who got to see it in action and see how easy it is to operate.  El Jefe’ Desertbull rated the AIRTOP comfort at 9 out of 10!  El Jefe and Ricardo camped in the Borrego desert on the first night with a group of local Mexicanos and surfers from So Cal.  Sitting around the campfire and waiting for the first hint of off road racing action to roar by.

Afterwards, the crew went south of San Felipe exploring.  Another 5-day adventure south of the border.  If you are interested in watching a SCORE desert race up close and personal, send us a note at tours@xplorebaja.com

XploreBAJA Opening Week at Solosports Adventure Camp – Punta San Carlos

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The fog shrouded the Pacific Coast heading into Ensenada, but the hustle and bustle of the fish market, the delicious smells of the carne asada on the grill didn’t put a damper on unforgiving cool weather.  We were hoping for clear skies and 78-degree temperatures but we had to settle for the wet cloudy dew instead.


The easy drive through the country south of Ensenada is always a nice cruise through the wine fields before paralleling the mighty Pacific Coast.

Word that a swell had arrived was right on as the waves were pumping at the Solosports Adventure Camp.  Everyone was smiles for as long as the waves break to the right.  A nice slight breeze blew off the point as the warm long afternoon moved into the fun-filled evening around the Chili Bowl bar.


Punta San Carlos is a full-service adventure camp providing an amazing camp, incredible food and access to some of the most advanced toy technology available to action athletes.  From mountain bikes, kite boards to surfboards, they have it all.  Kevin Trejo is the owner and has built up Solosports Adventure Camp for the past 27 years.

If you’re looking for an adventure in Baja, Solosports Adventure Camp at Punta San Carlos ranks in the number one spot.

XploreBaja guides many people throughout Baja and Solosports Adventure Camp is one of our favorite spots.

5 days of Solosports over the opening week was amazing as always!


Xplore Baja Heads Out on 2014 Rip to Cabo

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Xplore Baja is gearing up to head out on another epic Baja adventure. We are trekking south with the Rip to Cabo, an adventure where 45 moto riders will gear up in California and set their sights south to Cabo San Lucas. The riders will cross the international border in Tecate and ride south to the tip of Baja – Cabo San Lucas. This year’s adventure will kick off on April 2nd as the entire crew heads through San Felipe, Gonzaga Bay, San Ignacio, Mulege, Loreto and so many more inticing Baja locations.

Check out the Rip to Cabo compilation of 5 years of footage from different Cabo rides featuring some of the greatest motorcycle riders in the world.

Be sure to check out our XploreBaja facebook & instagram as we will be updating you along the way as we head south for another Xplore Baja adventure.

Baja OVERLAND Adventure Sign Ups Now Open

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This overland adventure will wind through some of the most majestic terrain the Baja Peninsula has to offer including mountains, deserts, beaches and the famous Mexico Highway 1.  This route will traverse the Baja Peninsula from the Sea of Cortez to the Pacific Ocean with a blend of graded roads, highway and remote dirt tracks.  There are no required hill climbs, difficult obstacles or water crossings that are extreme.  A non-4WD, well-equipped and maintained overland vehicle can make the journey, but a 4×4 with proper clearance is recommended.  All overnights will be vehicle or ground tent based. Our experienced crew will guide you across the border and back again on a one of a kind Baja overland adventure.

Who is XploreBAJA?

Exploring the pristine white beaches, desolate deserts and mountains on both sides of the Baja Peninsula has been a 40-year adventure for XploreBaja founder, Tim Sanchez. For more than 25 years he has had the unique ability to mix business with pleasure while adventuring throughout the Baja Peninsula.  The XploreBaja crew is staffed with seasoned Baja adventurers coming from all walks of life.

XploreBaja is a unique company that turns Dreams Into Adventures.

Tim explains, “I’ve been very fortunate to have spent time with some of the top adventurers to set foot in the wilds of the Baja Peninsula and for me, personally sharing Baja’s beauty with others is magical.  XploreBaja is about safely traveling and exploring remote and exquisite regions with an experienced crew leading adventurers throughout Baja.”

Over the decades, we have created a network of local liaisons spanning the entire Baja Peninsula. XploreBaja thrives on interacting with locals in every walk of life. Our travels have helped us forge lifelong relationships.

We love Baja as much as our clients and that’s what keeps bringing us back time and time again.

XploreBaja looks forward to seeing you soon.