Agua Verde is a classic Sea of Cortez beach front stop.  Clear turquoise water, calm nights and a dusty but vibrant fishing village, all set against the soaring jagged peaks of Baja California’s Sierra de la Giganta mountain range.  The white sand beaches offer amazing camps and day spots to forget about your busy day to day lifestyles.

At the idyllic Agua Verde, where the water is smooth and the wind just apleasant breeze, it’s a reminder that the Sea of Cortez has a Jekyll and Hyde soul.  One minute the Sea is a raging terror, and the next minute it is a tranquil paradise.  The rock pinnacle “Roca Solitaria” stands sentinel at the mouth of Agua Verde bay. Agua Verde is very popular, offering three unique and delightful spots to spend the days on the water.  The boats anchored in the bay are dwarfed by the rocky mountains rising behind them and a small sliver of white sand where there are only a few people here and there.

The nearest town, Loreto, is 60 miles away, 25 miles of which is a mountainous a dirt road.  This little fishing village is isolated and close-knit. Goats wander freely, their little bells tinkling as they walk.  Days are hot and still, and everyone takes shelter in any kind of shade they can find. These village stores are not supermarkets or even convenience stores, by any stretch of the imagination, but the few shelves had a surprising variety of items. If you want to get away from it all and enjoy the warm turquoise waters of the Sea of Cortez, this is the place, Agua Verde.