XploreBAJA Opening Week at Solosports Adventure Camp – Punta San Carlos

The fog shrouded the Pacific Coast heading into Ensenada, but the hustle and bustle of the fish market, the delicious smells of the carne asada on the grill didn’t put a damper on unforgiving cool weather.  We were hoping for clear skies and 78-degree temperatures but we had to settle for the wet cloudy dew instead.


The easy drive through the country south of Ensenada is always a nice cruise through the wine fields before paralleling the mighty Pacific Coast.

Word that a swell had arrived was right on as the waves were pumping at the Solosports Adventure Camp.  Everyone was smiles for as long as the waves break to the right.  A nice slight breeze blew off the point as the warm long afternoon moved into the fun-filled evening around the Chili Bowl bar.


Punta San Carlos is a full-service adventure camp providing an amazing camp, incredible food and access to some of the most advanced toy technology available to action athletes.  From mountain bikes, kite boards to surfboards, they have it all.  Kevin Trejo is the owner and has built up Solosports Adventure Camp for the past 27 years.

If you’re looking for an adventure in Baja, Solosports Adventure Camp at Punta San Carlos ranks in the number one spot.

XploreBaja guides many people throughout Baja and Solosports Adventure Camp is one of our favorite spots.

5 days of Solosports over the opening week was amazing as always!


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